About us

About us
We make the following services available to you:

Masonry - Structures - Floors - Pladur - Tiling - 
Plaster - Electricity

Plumbing - Heating - Air Conditioning - 
Carpentry - Aluminum and PVC

Glassware - Iron and Steel - Painting - 
Architecture - Decoration
We are a company specialized in reforms, 
constructions and orientation in decoration 
and architecture.

In our small but great team you can find a 
specialist for all the trades you want to 
contract with us. Our main objective 
will be to always maintain a treatment 
of tranquility and trust with each of you.

Thanks to the great team of architects we have,
all our clients will be able to have their 
projects within reach,and carry them out as 
they wish, with a budget adapted to their needs,
comforts and economy.


GRUPO JEFL CONTRUCCIONES Y REFORMAS is established in the province of Alicante and has projects in the Valencian Community and the Region of Murcia.

In this company, thanks to the efforts of the entire team, we have the possibility of providing a very complete and economic service at the height of each and every one of you. Our mission is to always maintain a calm and trustful deal with each of you, as well as to fulfill your expectations placed on us.

From a very young age, I always had the internal need to be part of the entrepreneurial world. From an early age I had the initiative to help my father in the fields and in the small and modest position that we had for family support. We were opening markets in other cities and with them I realized that my true vocation was to start my own company. At just 17 years old I decided to set up an exotic animal stand by myself, as I am a great admirer of all species. Around the year 2000, with the arrival of the Euro and the European Union, this type of sale was prohibited, but this did not deviate me from my main objective, to create my company.

I started working as a pawn apprentice in the field of masonry and after a lot of effort after a year I became a first class officer and began my first reforms with up to 15 employees on staff, in that small family business.

Consistency is the key to everything, and that is why today we have a great team and we make the decision to create, for all your needs, the “JEFL GROUP” CONSTRUCTIONS AND REFORMS.

Today we have a wide range of specialists to guide both decoration and new trends, such as “Large Format”. We have the material varied enough to meet your needs to suit each of you. We even create custom-made shower trays, made to measure and to your liking, thus giving each client the exclusive capacity of the item they want.


Architecture is an art thing, a phenomenon of emotions, that is left out and beyond constructive questions. The purpose of construction is to keep things together and that of architecture is to delight us
  Le corbusier

Building in progress
plan/ proyect

Tell us what is the project you have in mind and we take care of carrying it out.


We have all kinds of materials and budgets adapted to your needs.

Construction of projects

Our purpose is to make your project a reality, whatever it may be.

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