Grupo JEFL

Construction and renovation company

Specialized company with more than 27 years in the sector.

We present all our services:

All our services that we offer you to carry out any reform of your home, business or new construction.

We have a large team of qualified and experienced professionals in any of the requests, both traditional and avant-garde in the decoration and execution of reforms, we are specialized in the latest trends.

We have at your service:
  • Masonry: Partition wall, troweled, plastered: plaster, single layer and cement.
  • Structures: Concrete structures, iron, formwork.
  • Floors: Large format, ceramic, porcelain, rectified, rustic, clay, marble, terraces, stone, printed concrete.
  • Pladur: Partition walls, ceilings, soundproofing (rock wool, pkb2 and fiberglass).
  • Tiling: Ceramic, porcelain, rectified, rustic, clay, marble, stone.
  • Plasters: Fixed ceilings, removable plaster ceilings, wood, acoustic ceilings, scotia, moldings, trays for indirect light, columns, arches.
  • Electricity: Integral, single-phase and three-phase installations, modifications, voltage expansion, official bulletins, lighting projects, lighting and signage.
  • Domotics: Projects, control of all household appliances, blinds, heating doors, air conditioning, lighting, opening by fingerprint control and eye reading, programming and information via text message, security cameras.
  • Image and sound: Projects for shops and houses of image and sound systems, Hi-fi, & Hi-end, home cinema, furniture, multiroom, projectors, installation and advice.
  • Plumbing: Comprehensive facilities, official gazettes, osmosis, decalcification.
  • Heating: Heating by means of radiators with watertight boiler, underfloor heating, solar panels.
  • Air conditioning: Air conditioning, pipes, automatic grids, inverter systems, cold and heat pumps, industrial cold (Showcases, refrigerators, cold rooms).
  • Carpentry: Kitchens, cabinets, doors, custom furniture, railings, synthetic and wooden flooring, parquet, cabinetmaker.
  • Aluminum and PVC: Windows, closings, windows, doors, bathroom screens, mosquito nets, blinds, awnings and pergolas.
  • Glassware: Acoustic, thermal, safety glass, mirrors, stained glass.
  • Iron and steel: bars, fences, automatic doors, shutters, railings, facades and automation.
  • Paint: Laminated, smoothed, glued, scraped, fluffed, Venetian plaster, imitation stone and rustic.
  • Architecture: Processing of building permits, opening permits, reform projects, new construction projects, restoration studies and urban planning advice.
  • Decoration: Advice on combination of materials (Tiles, furniture, lights, curtains, paint, etc.) Execution and supervision of work, demonstrations in 3 dimensions of the end of work.

We have the possibility of financing up to 5 years to pay for your reform, mortgage processing to include it in it.

10-year guarantee on any of our trades.

Personalized treatment for each and every one of our clients.

Tell us what you want for your home and we will create it for you.

Proceso de
Plan / Project

The elaboration of the project plan is one of the first responsibilities that our team faces.

Proyect in progress

Process where the devised project begins to take shape.

Proyect carried out

The main idea is captured by finishing the project and seeing the client’s dream come true.

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